After nearly 3 years, Saturn, the planet of discipline and structure, will stop blowing his stank breath in your face from your partnership sign, Libra, and move on to Scorpio. This year is definitely about bustin’ loose and going to the limit as you like to do, Aries.  The challenging news though is that Uranus, the planet of renewal and innovation, may prompt you to have a slight identity crisis.  You may go from feeling obligated and yoked to something or someone you weren’t feelin’ anymore to not wanting to feel yoked to ANYbody.  You want your whole life to get new.  That’s not a bad impulse, actually, except there’s a hitch. (You knew that was coming, right?)  Uranus is having a bit of a tiff in the sky with Pluto, the planet of depth and control.  For you, let’s just say that the tiff feels like a big enema.  Doesn’t sound so good anymore, huh? (I don’t blame you.)  And that’s the key challenge of this year: it’s the delicate work of creating as much newness in your life while having to let go of things and people who at one time or another felt as close to you as skin.  So it’s the excitement of renovation/creation while being surrounded by the sloppy mess you have to clean up.  Acutely sensitive areas during all these changes are work and health.  With Mars, your personal planet of action and making things happen, in the sign of Virgo for half of the year, you’re gonna have to concentrate on setting “micro-goals” rather than attempting to tackle too much at once.  If you attempt to do too much, you could experience a reflex action from the cosmos as injuries or power struggles on the job with people who feel you’re operating more on ego than efficiency. You may be reluctant to admit it, but you’ll find that more often than not they’re right. If the conflicts on the job get to be too, this might also be a good time to advance your own business or carve out a version of your job with less supervision/management.


“If everyone would just let me be me, everything would go down a lot easier for all involved” is probably something you might think, even outloud. In a lot of ways, you’re right.  The question is if everyone let you be you ALL the time, would you be able to let them be themselves and still be you too?  This might be a big question that could be on the mind of both your boss and your boo.  You might think you can skirt around answering it with bluster or partying it away, but it’s not something that’s going to go away like magic.  In fact, come late January, with Mars going retrograde, you might be butting heads with a few more people who won’t let you be you.  Honestly, you might have trouble with you being you! Of course the answer is not to be someone else, but to realize that not every “challenge” to being you is about controlling you as much as someone wanting the same thing. ‘Tis the season for figuring that out and being okay if it doesn’t work out.


You’re chomping at the bit to really sink your teeth into your year now. You are definitely feelin’ yourself now and you want to share the feeling.  With Jupiter and Venus under the sheets in Taurus now, partners may feel more of your generous, sensual, and sensitive nature than they have during the winter, so it makes for a good time for vacationing or lengthy snuggle fests (or more).  If you’re single, then you may draw more attention to yourself and return the advances with your high beams on.  You’re definitely not for the timid or easily intimidated, so folks who are caught up in their feelings now are likely not to be favorites now. It’s not necessarily because you’re callous as much as you’re down for what’s happening the moment and unexpressed emotions are mildewy news from last year for you.  Get it out or get goin’ could be your motto now. Works great if all players are playing at the same speed. Keep in mind, though, that rarely happens.


All things related to home, hearth and family could be empahsized during this time.  You’ve been clearing ground in most other areas of your life for most of the year, so it’s only natural that once the Sun goes into Cancer, you start looking out how you can have your home and domestic life better match your evolving identity this year.  If you’re living alone with obligations to nobody or nothing, you’ll find it challenging in managing all the details and staying focused on your chosen project(s). If you’re sharing your home or life with folks, like family or roommates on a daily basis, then you might be due for some emotional fireworks.  A retrograde Venus, the planet of harmony and beauty, doesn’t help this season, so there are few things to be careful about. First, whatever you plan is likely to cost more money than you expect. Second, make no assumptions about your peeps’ goodwill. It doesn’t mean they don’t have any, but be sure your expectations match theirs without assuming it does.


Most of the year has been you pushing to be you while letting others be…well…”other.” But now is different.   This season is all about getting a better appreciation of what you have as to release what (or who) doesn’t fit in your life anymore.  This taps into many areas of your life: money, affairs of the heart, your possessions, extra weight, etc. You can rightly sense that there are bright new shiny opportunities coming your way, but you also know that you can’t receive anything with full hands.  You can choose to have a garage/stoop sale or just give things away; you can focus on ridding yourself of debt or reshuffle your portfolio; you can summarily stop dragging the dead weight of a friend around or you can let them know clearly yet kindly that they’re a drag. You can do much if you’re willing to sacrifice a bit.  But November brings home that the one thing that you can’t be is unkind.

If you want a personal Zodiac Lounge reading, reach Samuel at Follow him on Twitter @sfreynolds where he flows daily about astrology, politics and life.

If you want a personal Zodiac Lounge snapshot, reach Samuel at Follow him on Twitter @sfreynolds where he flows daily about astrology, politics and life.