Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  The Mercury retrograde, on US election day no less, means that there’s a great opportunity for you to do at least two things: to speak with conviction about something you believe and to review some ideas and thoughts you’ve had that need to be developed, in some fashion, this month.

#Heartstrings: Venus’ tango with off-the-beaten path Uranus on the very 1st day of this month suggests that you’re looking to spice up your romantic life, whether you’re single or not. Be careful what you look for because you might find it, and it might take more getting used to than you expected.

#MoneyMoves: It seems that for two-thirds of the month you’re on pause. And then right around Thanksgiving Day you might find yourself on fast forward. The great news is that you feel you can go hard on projects that have been stalling. The not-so-great news, especially for those around you, is that you’re short on patience and could be quick with your temper.

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