Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

When there’s a full moon, like there is this week, on Valentine’s Day, there’s also a moment of truth. It’s not easy to hide or shy away from anything during this time, because a full moon shows what’s been in the dark, especially when the moon is in roaring Leo as it is on Friday. I can almost hear you say, “No problem,” and you’re right. “Straight-shooting” and “full-on” might as well be your first and last names. But I’m not talking about you. This full moon may be more of an issue for a friend or a colleague of yours. The hard part may be deciding whether you should coax out the truth you know is lurking beneath the surface, or if you should be patient, giving him or her space to reveal everything in good time. I say trust that the full moon will disclose the truth soon enough.  Coaxing could quickly and easily become brow-beating.

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