Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
I wonder if night never happened, if the planet never had to experience it, would human beings have invented it, somehow? I doubt very seriously if an Aries would have been the one to do that, but this week it would be nice if you came to appreci-ate all that night offers.  Your sister/brother sign in Mars, Scorpio, leaps into full swing this week, replete with an eclipse, a Retrograding Mercury-Saturn hook up and Halloween to boot. In plain English that means this is a week to face the dark-side and  “tricks” in our lives and minds.  You usually have no problem with that, but you might find your thoughts resisting going for the treats, per usual, by either wanting more sleep or feeling—dare I say it?—frightened. Carry a flashlight of a plan and you’ll make it through fine.

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