Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Your patron, Mars, gets in a dance-off with Uranus that may look more like a tug of war than a full out dance. Or more like this. Regardless, this aspect could lead to great message or a great mess. Let’s focus on what the great message could look like. Mars when he throws down with Uranus is all about energy and breaking off patterns or habits that bring us down or keep us low. So it’s time to get new and kick-start something that’s needed some energy or a boost.  The Cosmos is more than willing to dance along if you get in a groove this weekend. Mercury gets hyped with Uranus, so that’s bound to bring some new ideas & thoughts too.  Now, about that great mess part: if you don’t initiate anything and keep your energy to yourself, then the energy can spill out in ways you may not want or expect.

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