Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

This will be the first full week of Mars in Libra, your polar opposite sign. Other than this being the biggest adjustment to make for the week, it may be clear sailing and good for consolidating new efforts at work and pleasure. If you’re reading between the lines, then you read that I’m saying that the biggest problem this week is your-self, considering Mars represents your sign.  It may not feel that way a good portion of the time, especially as you might perceive it’s OTHER folks who are wildin’ out this week. But even if someone trips the light fantastic by doing something crazy, like mistake your prized 1st Obama inauguration memorial plate for an ashtray, you still get to control how you RE-act to someone else’s ACTions. Stick with clarifying mistakes made rather than seeking to punish the offender until you’re tired.

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