Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

As long as you have a focus and schedule some time to chill, you could accomplish wonders this week, especially on the job. The danger is if you just keep making to-do lists without consolidating and prioritizing your missions. Then you’ll just run yourself ragged. This is definitely a week where you can catch more flies with honey than a fly swatter, though you’ll be tempted to pull out a metaphorical one. Don’t. Diplomacy and a little charm (not too much or you’ll come off insincere) will go a lot farther. The inferior conjunction between Venus and the Sun is a renewal point for your desires for status and honor. So you want to be sure you’re planting seeds with grace and consideration, while making your intentions clear enough. So you don’t want to goad people on who were going to do a solid for you anyway.

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