Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime: Once Mercury, the messenger, catches up to Neptune, who I introduced to you last week as the illusionist in residence in your “subconscious” sign, Pisces, you may feel like some of your zip has been zapped a bit.  Y’all are usually on it, but now you may feel like you can’t get with much.  It might help to find more moments when you can veg out, and listen to your own thoughts.  Resist the urge to have to do something while listening to yourself. You don’t have to do it long, but you’ll discover that low-grade “hum” in the back of your mind is your own neglected thoughts, seeking your attention.


#Heartstrings:  You know what’s fly about you? You know how to do you, almost naturally.  Makes me think of Aries Jill Scott’s lyric from “One is the Magic Number,” “So many times I define my pride/Through somebody else’s eyes (La da da, la da)/ Then I looked inside and found my own stride.” Right now, you’re figuring out your needs. What people may not understand about you is that you look out for you and you assume that people are looking out of themselves.  Not everyone knows how to do that. Stop assuming. You don’t have to take care of them, but you gotta check-in with your peeps to make sure they’re alright.

#MoneyMoves: You’re all about going for yours, but watch out for the green-eyed disaster called Envy and his lumbering, mindless homey, Greed.  You know actors have a saying that might help you: “What’s my motivation here?” Why are you going so hard for what you want now?  If you goin’ after it because someone else has it, then you ain’t living the Aries life.  The Aries life is focused on doing what hasn’t been done before or netting an achievement that inspires. The goods just add flava—make inroads, not envy.