Aries [Mar 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  “Go hard or go home” works as motivator…unless you’re home already.  So maybe you’ll just decide to go hard.  It depends on what you decide to go hard on this week. If you go hard on things that fatten you up, then expect to pack on some pounds.  But this is where you can build some core strength to fulfill some important personal goals now, whether it’s through working out, getting to next level of “Arkham City” or writing your next chapter.  Keep things in moderation, but appreciate your endurance.


#Heartstrings:  The Sun is gearing up for a showdown with Mars, your sign’s patron planet, at the end of the week.  For you, this means that you’re approaching a confrontation that will either feature or require action, anger or people actin’ up.  But astrology ain’t all about writing your fate in stone, especially for a willful sign like yours. You can create a different scenario if you’re willing to use a lil prep work and diplomacy to head off some craziness before it jumps off.  You might also check in with your peeps or a mentor to get perspective on the best way to head some BS off at the pass.

#MoneyMoves: Stay hooked into a sense of abundance this week even if you see no clear evidence of it at the start of the week. Often “form” follows feeling.  Yup, the power of acting “as if” you’re loaded can lead to more loading up in your bank account.  I’m not just blowing smoke up your butt, Aries. I know you hate that.  I’m letting you know that the cosmos is ready to work with you on deepening your pockets and it does start in the mind.  As the week stretches across your life, your positive appreciation will confirm you got it goin’ on.  Hold on to some of that positivity as a magnet to draw even more to you.