Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

#MeTime: I can’t tell you the number of Rams I’ve met over the years who’ve told me that they can’t go backwards on things, whether it’s former lovers, cities, or certain restaurants.  Let me tell ya: that’s so not true.  Every step back ain’t goin’ backwards.   Give things a double take now, especially as Mars, your sign’s patron planet, is now fully going retrograde. You may not be seeing things right the first time. This seems to make even more sense with Neptune setting herself up as an illusionist-in-residence in your sign’s “subconscious” sign, Pisces, for the next 13 years.


#Heartstrings:  And now Saturn, the ain’t takin’ your bs planet, is going retrograde in your relationship sign, Libra.  The good news is that you get the opportunity to iron out some wrinkly, crinkly areas of a relationship either from the past or a current one that’s been strained lately.  The not-so-good news is that if a relationship has seemed wrinkle-free, Saturn rolls out his iron anyway, attempting to fix stuff that don’t need fixin’.  Don’t sweat it too much. Be grateful for appreciating the small wrinkle found, realizing that often the fraying of a relationship starts with a single loose thread or the non-ironing of many small wrinkles.

#MoneyMoves: You may feel called upon to put your money where your heart is, either through donating your time, money or resources to a good cause or a family member or friend who seems to need it.  Or you use your natural verve and leadership ability to encourage others to do something similar.  Although you’re feeling generous that doesn’t mean you have to be gullible. Don’t shy away from asking tough questions or doing a little research.  You don’t want to fund a fraud.