Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime: Heraclitus, a philosopher, once said, “Time is a game played beautifully by children.” As Mercury goes retrograde in your sign at the start of this week and we’re about a week from your sign rolling in, you may experience time in a gamey way. You might either feel like you have time to play with or feel like you’re getting played by time, big time!  The workaround is to play and not feel like it’s all about you winning or someone else’s notion of time well spent.  If you have to be on time for something, then don’t get uptight. The tighter you get, the harder Time you’ll have.


#Heartstrings:  Every now and again you find someone who turns on your fire and desire, just like Rick James and Teena Marie talked about over 20 years ago. You may be coming up on one of those times when someone from your past or someone new stokes your desire.  Of course, the natural desire is to know where is this heading. I wouldn’t get caught up in that.  It may turn into a beautiful mess or it could be a beautiful message to remember that your desire is what keeps you anchored to being in this world. You might forget that in the humdrum of living.

#MoneyMoves: This week, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto start singing in four part harmony, like Boys II Men, and that augurs well for your money. Except Mars, your patron planet, might be a little off key and you might feel like you’ve come to the “End of the Road” with some of your career efforts. You get Mars back on key by sticking to renovations to your grind that you put in motion in the last few weeks even though you’re not seeing immediate results.  Patience is not usually the strong suit of your sign, so it does depend on whether you want the results or the immediacy.  You can’t always have both.  Get out of your head and stick with the groove.