Aries (Mar 21st to Apr 19th]

#MeTime: For his second marriage, a family member chose Foreigner’s “I want to know what love is” as the wedding party’s entrance song at the reception. I quipped to him, “That’s a wack choice. If you don’t know what love is at this point, y’all in trouble.”  I mean, that sentiment works at the proposal, but the wedding is a different matter. They lasted a good five years. With Mercury retrograde, spinning on top of erratic Uranus now, I’m talkin’ about more than wedding song choices, Aries. This is about choosing the right set of words at the right time. At this new moon in your sign, dwell only on the words you want to actually manifest, at the right time.


#Heartstrings:  You won’t be overexcited about making binding contracts or statements now, so don’t push it. In fact, you might run hot and cold with meeting up with folks because there’s just too much happening inside and outside. You may feel like you’re not making the progress you want to make now and getting caught up with other people’s drama isn’t where you want to be. It may actually not be drama, Aries, as much as stuff you’d rather not deal with. So be mindful of making more out of things than what’s really in front of you.

#MoneyMoves: You may seem on a lot less surer footing than you have for the last week or so. You can sense you’re so close to where you’ve wanted to be with your goals, but it seems harder to keep all the loose threads from unfurling now. One thing that’s not often said about Aries is that y’all can be a lot more attentive to detail than most give you credit for.  So a step backward can seem a lot bigger than it is and a step forward can seem only like a toehold.  I won’t even tell you to be patient cuz you probably ain’t feelin’ that. So I’ll tell you the truth: worry won’t work any wonders that doing work at the right time can’t do.