Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

I didn’t watch Xena: Warrior Princess when it was on the air, but Netflix has allowed me to catch up on a few episodes. Lucy Lawless, Xena, is a triple Aries—meaning her Sun, moon and ascendant are in Aries. So it’s only natural that she’d be a warrior princess. Xena’s story, whether you’re a male or female Ram, might match some of yours this week. Mars, your planet’s patron, builds up a lot of steam this week as it gets into a square-off with Pluto. This could lead to a lot of battles and anger, like Xena. And it could lead to another path that Xena also came to follow: redemption, clearing away old debts, including the karmic ones, or a positive beginning to tackling some bad habits. You definitely have the power, Aries. You can use it or get used by this aspect, though.

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