Aries [Mar 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  The week soars in with Mercury, the patron planet of the mind, and Uranus, the genius planet, huddled together in your sign. This puts us on blast that you have a touch of genius on tap this week, so use it now, or lose it soon! (Mercury’s about to go retrograde and slip back into Pisces later in the month.) I’d be sure to write down your insights and even the random thoughts that ultimately may not make sense anyway.  But it’s sometimes hard to know genius in the moment. An Atlanta pharmacist tried to find a cure for headaches, but instead ended up with Coke, the soft drink.  As some New Age folks say, “There are no accidents.”


#Heartstrings:  The cosmos has served up a dish of creativity and inventiveness for you to smooth over any feathers that might have gotten ruffled over last week.  The harmonious flow between the Moon in playful Leo with the Mercury-Uranus combo all adds up for opportunities for fun and starting fresh, Aries. With all that fire, there’s some danger, though. You can use this passion to fly or fry. Let’s avoid you fryin’ by gettin’ too tight and going a lil more with the flow. You fly by sticking with your inspiration—keep it light and keep it movin’.

#MoneyMoves: Protect your lunch and break times this week. So avoid the “work lunch,” if you can.  In this age of “push through,” there’s has to be more time for those moments for nothing. Of course, that may not settle well with you, Aries, as you believe being on the go is often the best way to go.  Not so. This week let the fiery trifecta of the Moon-Mercury-Uranus inspire and incite you toward finding better ways of doing what you do and lighten your burdens with your wit, fun and perspective.  You need to step away from the grind sometimes to get your grounding.