Aries [Mar 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime: The Sun strikes a harmonic chord with the Moon in Leo this week, so life can feel a little like coasting on a Schwinn ten speed bike. Without a helmet though. While showing off.  So I recommend putting on a metaphorical helmet, whether you show off or not. And let’s be clear: showing off doesn’t have to mean acting an ass. It can also mean letting you be you without apology or reservation. (Other signs can call it showing off!) But there ain’t extra you have to prove to anyone now. (That’s the being ass territory, by the way.) You got this!


#Heartstrings: We know Mars is the most well-known gods of war.  But one of the unsung badass “gods” of war in the pantheon of Roman/Greek gods is Athena. I speak a little about your patron of the week here.  Athena is badass because she’s a warrior goddess who uses strategy rather than brute force or tactics. What’s war got to do with heartstrings? With a Libra full moon on horizon, where the moon is at odds with the Sun, war seems oddly appropriate for you, Aries.  War is a relationship, but it’s got little to do with love and that’s my point. Don’t focus too much on winning the battle with tactics or even tricks that you lose a war you never needed to wage.  Nothing’s more important than your love and your long term strategy to keep on loving those you want to love you.

#MoneyMoves: The Moon, in flossin’ Leo at the start of the week, squares off with Jupiter at your Zodiac Lounge table, so there could be too much of having a funky good time. Be careful of spending too much or relying on feelin’ lucky over feelin’ sane. Some people seem to confuse feelin’ good with feelin’ like their mojo is ready to rock.  They’re not the same thing.  Honestly, your luck or mojo is literally better toward the end of the week, though, especially after Mercury goes direct on April 4th.