Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

It’s time to look ahead. Your season’s coming to a close this week, and it’s been a pretty loaded this year.  There are a couple of planetary hook-ups this week that mirror a few extra hmphs of effort you’ll have to give to “make good” on the creative and inspirational fire that’s been “burning” for the last four weeks.  Just in time for humpday, we have a Sun-Mars get-together that’s great for tackling an especially physical project; but not so great if you don’t have an outlet for getting physical.  If that’s the case, you gotta watch out for testiness and impatience, because you got all this “heat” with nowhere to go.  On Saturday, take advantage of a Mercury-Uranus connection for brainstorming and kicking about some innovative solutions for some stubborn problems. You’re sure to stay winning then.

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