Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime: The Sun, a key symbol for spontaneity, exuberance and willpower, gets into an eye lockdown with Saturn, the planet of “Sitchyoazz down”.  This could bring up all the negative emotions that you usually like to swear off or not take seriously, like fear or frustration. You’re gonna need to have whatever keeps you patient on tap this week, but not too much of it.  Sitting down isn’t sitting out. It’s getting your second wind for the next round.  You can break through your fears and frustrations soon, but sometimes you have to hang back to leap forward.


#Heartstrings: The bottom half of the week will fare better for you and how you get along with others. There’s always a bit of an adjustment period after a planet goes direct, like your patron planet, Mars, did last week. But at the top of the week, you’re also dealing with that standoff between Saturn and the Sun and that spells out problems with anyone and anything who would dare to step on your sense of independence. The sleight could come from a lover or loved one attempting to be helpful, but who instead comes off as presumptuous.  Key phrase is “comes off.” Don’t take the way you see things as gospel, but as testimony in a slew of other possible testimonies. Talk about how you feel, not what the person may or may not have done or even intended.

#MoneyMoves: The top of the week is NOT the time to push through any projects or stand up for any significant changes in your work situation.  With the Saturn-Sun standoff at the top of the week, you can imagine that a huge wall is up in the ebony sky. Walls are interesting because we usually focus on what happens around us as we attempt to get over/through/beyond walls rather than reflecting on what’s happening to us as we face the wall. Pay attention to what’s happening to you. Walls are tests of character and remind us to stay committed to facing challenges with courage and conviction. As the week draws on, you’ll find it easier to make inroads and feel on more solid financial footing too.