Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

#MeTime: Although the Sun has moved on from your sign into Taurus, the hook-up between Mercury and Uranus again is an epic cocktail of verve, insight and velocity that prompts you to feel bored with more people and things at higher speeds. It might be best to reserve a good measure of “Me” time alone to go at the breakneck pace of learning and leaping that you want to do. Also, write down or have a way to log the flashes of insight and understanding you gain now. It’s a great time to think and plan something new.


#Heartstrings: If we could picture your creation for a moment, as in by a deity rather than your parents, I’d entertain this version this week: God makes “you” and then gives “you” to the body that has been made. Then says, “Okay, now grow into “you” and take good care of the ‘you’ I’ve made.” So now you have spent X years attempting to do what the Lord said, except you say “me” where I’m saying “you.” Semantics. What people close to you don’t get about you is that you really want to be a good steward of THAT “you” and it’s a lot of hard work, requiring a good amount of concentration. This week seems one of those times when you have to work the hardest.  Well, be sure to do what most people who work hard do: take a break, especially with those who love that “you” God said to take care of.

#MoneyMoves: As the Sun shifts to your money seat at your table at the Zodiac Lounge, you are entering a phase to consolidate your resources and shore up your finances with actual gains like a possible windfall, salary increase or rebate; or from pooling your money together from various accounts; or gathering up the loose change you’ve kept around the house or in various clothes or purses; or changing your spending habits on things that just aren’t good for you. The focus is on what makes your life better and leaner. Don’t get caught holding on to things that aren’t “that bad.”