Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

A lot about this week is colored by Saturn. So allow me to give you a quick, positive primer on Saturn through the eyes of your sign’s patron, Mars.  If Mars is the happy warrior to get the party started right and quickly, then let’s say Saturn is the backroom manager who comes out to close down the party.  This is only a bad thing if no one wants to admit they’re tired or ready for something else, like sleep or breakfast.  So this is how you can greet Saturn in your life this week, especially on “hump” day. It also so happens to be the 1st day of May and a showdown between your patron, Mars, and Saturn.  It’s time to slow down and change up the pace with how you make things happen. If there’s a wall in your way, be careful of thinking to break through it. You might be able to find a door somewhere. 

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