Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime: Approaching mid-spring is usually an interesting time for y’all, because the great push to get the season started is…over.  So now is the much quieter work of maintaining it and keeping things together. For you that’s often the boring part and when you get bored, you’re more inclined toward mischief. So think about some ways that you can conserve your energy and strengthen yourself as you’ll probably need the energy soon enough.


#Heartstrings: Mercury gets all psyched to chat up Venus during the week and that bodes for a lot more of an active and chattier you. You might feel like you can establish more affinity with the folks around you, whether they’re neighbors, lovers, friends, or colleagues. With increased chatter (coupled with some need to shake things up a bit), you run the risk of overexposure or getting into some off-color humor and remarks that could cause you either to backpedal or apologize for later. So stay mindful, especially when you think you’re just doing some idle chatting.

#MoneyMoves: You’re gearing up to firing with more cylinders than you’ve been firing with for most of the year.  So this is a lull before you rev up for another high dose round of activity, growth, and challenge in June.  Last week, I talked about you consolidating the strides and gains you’ve been making. This week take a closer look at how the people around you can help you do better what you do for work.  It’s probably nothing earth shattering. It’s just one more little thing that one person can do to make life easier. It’s also equally possible that you have a way that could be helpful to them (and it still be a way to help you) like carpooling or splitting the cost of a service or an appliance to share with someone.