Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

The top of the week belongs to you, Aries.  The week opens with the moon in Aries and Luna hangs tough with y’all until she literally gets brand new, with a new moon, on Wednesday morning.  So there’s a couple of ways you could play this lunar dance for the week. First, it’s time to make sure you make yourself a priority. For all the talk about Aries supposedly being selfish, you actually put a lot of energy into what you do, not just who and what you are.  It’s time to do something just for yourself, either to treat yourself or do something about your appearance that you’ve been meaning to do for weeks or even months.  The other way to work with this New Moon in Aries energy is to figure out the balance of your priorities for the year.  This is YOUR new year.  

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