Aries [Mar 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime: We’re halfway through your season and overall things stay on the positive side for you this week.  We could call this a holding pattern for you, until Mars, your sign’s planetary gatekeeper, gets back on course when he goes direct.  So think about this week as catching your breath or the pause before the next leg of a marathon month that’s going to test some of your mettle; but not too much of it. You’re building up your endurance. In your case, it is for the swift too. 😉


#Heartstrings: I’m sure Othello may have been going through a week like yours when he said, “it is the cause, it is the cause, my soul,” But I’m also sure your week will likely pass with far fewer tragic consequences. The “cause” is an unfortunate mix of passion, imagination and miscommunication that could happen when you have a Mercury on sea legs from a retrograde, and a Mars going direct with a passionate embrace to a frisky Venus in Gemini. Again, that all spells the strong possibility to run off half-cocked and loaded to act on misinformation (with conviction even!) before you’ve had time to cross check. So cross check and we won’t be watchin’ a cautionary “tell all” play about you.

#MoneyMoves: Since this week is not about big moves, you can enjoy the holding pattern by taking advantage of a nice, light marinade between Uranus, the individualist, in your sign and Venus, the reveler, in Gemini. A lot of people think about socializing with colleagues as fluff, but it’s really vital to know how to get along with others and have connections.  This planetary marinade makes it easier for you to get stuff like that done.  So be sure to stir your networking pot and perhaps take in a few professional mixers, if you can.