Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Now that we’re clear of eclipses until the fall, this week is a re-calibration week, but slightly different than the one a few weeks ago. You have this week to use your charms and energy to bolster up your connections with your peeps and even some folks you don’t know yet.  So, fortunately, this isn’t one of those weeks where it’s best to sit on your duff and be introspective. (Not always the most exciting prospects for you.)  But it does require you to refine your instincts, not suppress them.  That’s why I said for you to use your charms. Your polarity, Libra, is usually known for charm, but you have it too. Your charms albeit are usually predicated on something else: courtesy for those courageous enough to be themselves.  Charm the daring out of another to do something fun and life-enriching.  It’ll be an interesting experience for you both and provide an opportunity for bonding.

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