Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  The “eclipse jolt” from last week is probably starting to take a little more shape now, bringing things into fuller relief. Essentially, you got a wake up call.  You probably thought situations and people were on board one way only to learn that they were working a completely different angle.  Don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re still as sharp as a tack, but your storyline of how things happen sometimes blinds you.  There’s the story and then there’s your perspective of it, just as the movie Rashomon shows.  You don’t have to negate your story as much as realize that your story isn’t the only possible version.


#Heartstrings: Genuine understanding isn’t always about 20/20 hindsight. It’s true that having some time away from a situation or circumstance can give perspective, but the past can occlude as much as it can conclude. The real gift of understanding is the ability to look at something as it is rather than as your ego needs it to be.  It’s about honesty.  Taking your ego out of the equation is about stating the facts as if you were watching them as a movie, minus the grand sweep of feeling a certain way or drama. Let that be your guide with present and past relationships now.  The understanding will be the launch pad for how you’ll stick things out or change them up next week.

#MoneyMoves: I have a friend who always says, “Hope is not a strategy.” If that’s true, then “high hopes” is as much a #fail as well. When she says that about hope, she’s not saying that hope is worthless. The idea is why use hope to make things happen when you can use planning, willpower, and attentiveness to detail.  That’s what you’re going to need to get ahead this week, Aries, and hoping or banking on some thing to come through (that most likely won’t) is not what’s going to get you over.  Write it down. If you’re expecting some money from somebody, make sure you have it in writing.  If you need to stay on budget this week or coming month, write it down. Don’t guesstimate or “hope for everything to work out” with fuzziness.