Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

The great news about the start of this week is that it begins with the moon in Aries. You may feel buoyed by the energy to start anything and everything you’ve wanted to start.  All of that’s awesome if you have to do things quickly or only in the short term. But everything about this week indicates that things may take a lot more effort than you’ll think at first.  You can think of it like the all-nighter that goes into most of the morning too. I vote for pacing yourself, Aries, and for really getting into it.  Put your all in your swing, without thinking too much about whether you dramatically knock whatever out of the park. Oddly enough, you might tire quicker if you think all you need to do is just bunt the ball and run. There’s no easy “in and outs” this week, in love or with your labors.

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