Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  You’re still probing deep into the world around you, though you may be more of a social “nerd” than you were last week.  This is especially a great time to keep researching and developing ideas and intentions that have been waiting all season to surface.  It’s also a great time to make impassioned pleas to people who haven’t been as open to your ideas or goals in the past. Don’t push too hard or too fast, though.  If you can be mindful of other people’s egos while emphasizing the logic and clear need of what you have in mind, you’ll come out a winner.


#Heartstrings:  You’re definitely more of a fixer than a feeler this week; so if someone just wants to kvetch or complain without a plan, then you may not be their guy or gal.  In fact, you could be really hard to reach if someone doesn’t share your obsessions or fascinations this week.  Also be careful of being stubborn about a principle or idea as you’re more unwilling to yield. You might even be titillated by making things a bit more controversial than usual…or necessary.  There’s a time and place for everything, including a gnawing obsession. Keep cool and save yourself some pointless theatrics.

#MoneyMoves: You can either play “the mound” or you can play the game. Let me explain. In baseball, when you’re up to bat, you can focus on the pitcher (on the mound), what you think he/she is going to throw or how you’re going to swing. Or you can stay focused on what the game needs and that may have nothing to do with how the pitcher throws.  In less sportsmanlike terms, this week, don’t focus on your opponents or whoever you perceive getting in the way of your ideas or intentions. Focus on playing the game—on getting the most for the team, your staff, or your clients.  You have too much you’re batting with, like very original and potent ideas & innovations now, to be caught up with petty power struggles.