Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime: You’re still “The Hard-Ass” this week. Wait. You’ve basically been the hard ass for the last few weeks.  You may just find it hard to really be flexible these days because things seem so…off.  Part of the reason is that you might need to make some corrections as to what Aries is really about…in your own head. Many people think of Aries as the dashing firebrand or the fierce warrior. But few seem to remember that another Aries archetype is The Drill Sergeant.  Just be careful not to be too hard on yourself (and others) as no one, including you,  can do any better than his or her best, not somebody else’s or some ideal.


#Heartstrings:  As both the Sun and Moon go into Cancer, you have to be careful that The Hard-Ass doesn’t become hard-hearted or too hard on your own heart.  There are a lot of planetary markers that say that you’re either a little too internally focused for your own good or you’ve displaced your passion for getting peculiarly particular about how things should go down.  When this happens, it’s best to ground your feelings and your body with action, perhaps pushing yourself to a physical limit in exercise or pleasure (without pressing too close to injury, of course). Aries represents the primal quality of feeling alive and powerful, and at your best, you share that passion and drive with others.  When you’re not connected to your best (or the source), you can get too caught up with “soldiering” on rather than living with your full soul, your natural birthright and your gift to us.

#MoneyMoves: Uranus and Pluto square off this week and it may feel like a cultural & social earthquake over the next few weeks.  It’s a call for renewal on a fundamental level, and you may find yourself yearning for that. In fact, all the excavation you’ve been doing in the darker recesses of your mind lately has been in preparation for this moment.  You’re looking to transform worn-out structures in your life, just like there’s been a call to do so in society, and you’re ready. In fact, you might be helping to lead the charge with innovations and insights of your own.