Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  So it looks like the “Hard Ass” is finally ready to go on summer vacation.  Not a moment too soon.  Venus moving forward this week will allow you to soften your words to be a little more diplomatic than you’ve been recently.  Mercury burning into Leo helps too as that’s also bound to lighten your mood and get you into appreciating less of your Martial side and a little more of your artistic, beauty-loving side.  Be sure to laugh often and heartily as well. Summer is finally here, and it’s time to relax…a little.


#Heartstrings:  Another good reason why you can be glad that the “Hard Ass” is gone (or going) is that you were prone for a revolution in your own personal Egypt.  You might not have realized or cared how demanding you have been the last few weeks, but it’s likely that you got on someone’s nerves, more than usual. You might have been facing your own exodus. If you’re single (and not loving it), then you may not have realized how you’ve been blocking your own blessings by seeing things only one way.  Now you’re open to newer, fresher perspectives and the Cosmos can meet you more than halfway.

#MoneyMoves: There’s a lot more emphasis on getting things started than either tidying things up or maintaining things. There’s more than one way to keep people sharp, Aries. So do what you do best—get the party started right!  I don’t mean a literal party as much as you’re ready to move that butt to make things happen, and it doesn’t even have to be for your own business or job. Stay in motion and you’ll avoid a lot of commotion this week. If you get too fixed or set in your ways, you risk having power struggles that you don’t need to have now.