Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  Welp, just as you recover from the last eclipse jolt, here’s another one to kick off the week. (It actually kicked off Monday morning.) To add a little more spice to the batter, Mars & Venus square off in the ebony sky as well. All of this adds up to a powerful time to ramp things up in almost every area of your life, but especially with your relationships and those you commune with on a regular basis. It also stirs up a passion and hunger that you haven’t felt in a few months, at least.  You may be able to charge through books, periodicals or other things with a voraciousness that might even surprise you.


#Heartstrings: Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’re gonna be like the protagonist from Spike Lee’s break-out feature, “She’s gotta have it,”  and you just gotta have it. What “it” is up for interpretation, but there’s no denying that between an eclipse and this Mars-Venus hookup, it’s going to heat up your libido and your overall sex appeal. So invest in looking good. If you run into problems, they’re likely to be the kind of dynamic where someone analyzes too much of what’s going on and another is talking just to share without too much thought about what goes where and when.  Identify that and you’re likely to be more on the same page now.

#MoneyMoves: The name of the game is still claiming precision in a crowded field, especially with Mars, your patron planet, and Venus both in the signs of Mercury this week. If that sounds like you have to find a needle in a haystack, then that would be nearly accurate. How will you perform a miracle like that?  Your passion will certainly help. One of the reasons your sign kicks off the Zodiac is because Aries has passion and the Cosmos will turn with you if you kick something off with passion.  Most often, Aries thinks that the way to continue and complete something is only through passion and that’s where y’all make the mistake.  But start what you want with passion, allowing that to help you to sift through the stuff that’s useless or doesn’t make sense. The Cosmos will be working with you to prune out the rest.