Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

This week has ups and downs to it, so let’s start there. Mercury moves forward again, but then Uranus, who’s been in your sign, goes retrograde.  Mercury’s glide forward makes it easier to communicate, especially your feelings, and to get thing done. If you did what I recommended a few weeks ago and re-worked some things around the house, you’re in a better position to do some new stuff there as well. Uranus’ stepping back is a thornier issue, however. As a symbol of our individual inventiveness, it’s time to go into your own “psychic” lab of sorts to tinker with some issues and questions. For starters, I’ll give you a prompt: are you really living your authentic life or are you playing up your bravado in order tip-toe around an area of your life you’re afraid to face? You can fool people and yourself, but the Cosmos will sniff out your fear.

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