Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  At the end of the week, the Sun will finally go into a fire sign like yours, Leo, after about 90 days of “other” kinds of elemental energy. This should be rejuvenating for you. The challenge, of course (as you knew there would be one), is getting through this week without wanting to throw someone under a bus.  In fact, you might feel a lot of nervous energy. I would recommend some activity that promotes service like cleaning for somebody or something else for a charitable cause.


#Heartstrings:  Your patron planet, Mars, is having a two-way battle with Pluto and Uranus this week in the ebony sky.  On the ground that looks like you might come to subscribe to idea that a good offensive offense is the best way to a good defense.  For the record, “shock and awe” is not a sustainable strategy. It might not even be a good one…for loved ones.  In all fairness, you might not even desire to be offensive, but you could turn out to be nonetheless.  My advice would be to think, at least, twice before you mouth off. You be shootin’ cannons and not knowing it.

#MoneyMoves: Last week, you had a chance for a “pre-emptive” conciliatory strike to thwart any “radioactive” fallout from someone about to go nuclear (including you.) If you didn’t do that last week, then it’s likely that you’re in “Fukushima” damage control mode. Deal with it as directly as possible and you have a better chance of reducing complications, especially at work and if you deal with things head-on at the top of the week rather than at the end.  If you were diligent last week, then this week can bring a lot of charge, focus, and even renewal to relationships and stalling projects at work.