Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  Now that Leo has set the sky ablaze with its regal fires, you most likely feel like you can add some shine and sass of your own without feeling the need to inhibit or diminish your swagger.  Again, use this energy wisely without wasting it on fitna or foolishness. After we get to a first quarter Moon on Thursday, you should be more than able to get a lot more poppin’. I wouldn’t push too hard before that though, especially since the Moon will be in Libra, your opposite sign.


#Heartstrings:  You’re experiencing your personal full moon in Libra at the top of the week. It’s time for you to recalibrate how you experience your connection with your loved ones and to let the balance slide a little toward the Other rather than the Self.  You’re not nearly as selfish as I and others tease you, though. You live for your passions, not politeness. In a society that is often suspicious of passion as selfish or crazy, it’s easy to see how you’ve gotten that reputation. However, you can’t stop being you. This week find a way to either be polite about your passions or pleasantly passionate.

#MoneyMoves: If you had to deal more with complications than conciliation last week, then you’ll be more than okay after you finish playing catch-up. The biggest problem will be fixating on your losses—either in time, money or people power.  You like to learn by doing and it won’t suit your spirit to dwell too much on “coulda, woulda, shoulda.” Give your full attention on what’s next. It’ll lift your spirit to contend more with some recently shelved ideas, innovations or purchases that will prove quite useful now that you can discern better purposes for them.  None of that might have seemed apparent a few weeks ago. You can thank Mercury Retrograde for that.