Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  Uranus, the planet that helps us appreciate the genius of the moment, goes retrograde at the end of the week, just before Bastille Day (Saturday).  I once dated an Aries influenced woman who talked so much about living in the moment that after awhile I had doubts that she actually lived in any particular moment. Maybe she had select appreciation for a generalized moment to come whenever.  Ultimately, I think she just wanted to do whatever she wanted to do “in the moment” that she wanted to do it.  This retrograde will be a reminder that the “moment” or the power of Now is more than just following your whims.  It’s tapping into a deeper inner knowing and stillness that’s not about whatever you want, but what the moment requires. That’s a harder art to learn and bigger “thing” to service.


#Heartstrings:  Mercury also goes retrograde this weekend. Let me catch you before you start catching feelings.  Mercury retrogrades can be wonderful things if you start with the premise that however you normally were doing things is NOT the only way things can work. If you expect your computer to work the way it always has, then you might have an unnatural set of expectations for the world. This becomes even more remarkably clear with people and romance and especially when they don’t “act right.”  This fits since Mercury goes retrograde at that section of the table that deals with your pleasure and romance. But, again, that could be a good thing.  Perhaps you and a significant other need to apply brakes before you both careen off a metaphorical cliff. Or, if you’re single, you need to straighten out your “wig” and get your head right with the energy you’re projecting in order to attract the person who’d naturally stick to you.

#MoneyMoves: Do you remember Sun Tzu’s “Art of War?” It was all the rage in the late 80s and early 90s for corporate types who seemed to find the parallels between mergers and handing out pink slips with war and death too morbidly compelling and fascinating.  Unfortunately, they seem to have missed this key part of the book at the beginning, “Anyone who excels in defeating his enemies triumphs before his enemy’s threat become real.” Basically, nipping a problem in the bud is the real “art of war.” There’s likely some tension building on the job or with a client/partner, either within you or around you, that can be stopped before it gets started.  Now’s the time to make moves to do that.