Aries (March 21st to April 19th)

Being carefree can free you of having a care in the world, but freedom will rarely ever free you of responsibility. If you want your freedom, then you’re going to have bear the responsibility for it. No two areas will make that clear in your life as work and romance.  You might think you want the “carefree” option, but that’s not really for you, Aries. See, your pet is likely carefree, but she or he doesn’t know jack about freedom. That’s what you have, even though you spend a lot of waking hours feeding, cleaning up after, and basically catering to the needs of your pet.  It’s in the tedium of all that responsibility that you actually have freedom. So don’t skirt or skimp on the details with a special one in your life and keep your passions tempered with patience at work.

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