Aries [March 21st to April 19th]

#MeTime:  Venus gets all touchy-feely in Cancer this week after four months of “keeping it moving” in Gemini. This week is definitely going to be a period of adjustment for everybody, and you may not be quite sure how you feel from day to day.  I suspect you’ll mostly feel a little more insular than usual, or, at least, certainly than the week before. Venus in this sign prompts you to explore your internal and domestic worlds.  Her visit here is only going to last a little over a month, so re-focus yourself for some probably much needed down time.


#Heartstrings: Mercury finally straightens out his much askew wig and goes direct again on Tuesday. This usually means that this is either a week for “damage control or to catch up. It must be hardwired into Aries DNA not to get too much into apology mode for any offenses that are real or imagined by people. But it would be wise to use that Mercury in Leo to make someone who felt slighted by to feel special in some form or fashion.  You might not eat crow, even if you deserved to, but it would be nice if you made someone else soar.

#MoneyMoves: Although there are some planetary changes this week that could bring some up and downs to it, it’s really good that the week kicks off with the moon in your sign.  This bodes well for setting a forceful pace that keeps you slogging through at work and beyond when you’d rather just not do much of anything. So aim on using that energy more at the top of the week than toward the weekend. It may feel hard to keep your motivation then.