Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
As your planetary patron Mars heats up Venus this week, I see lots of steam.  Of course, I mean the obvious implication by using steam, e.g., sassy, sexy and pleasurable. So this is definitely not the week to quit your dating sites, black out your social calendar, or ignore the DMs or messages in your inbox.  But steam also means a heightening of your passions that could stir you to do either get into mischief or to do great things. Of course, I’m vying for you to go more for great things. Steam isn’t to be undervalued. It paved the way to the generative power of the Industrial Revolution and steam still powers 90% of the US. But steam also requires something to evaporate all that heat. Don’t let it be your sleep that gets evaporated to make more steam. You’ll thank me later as Libra season marches on.

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