Aries (March 21st to April 19th)
You’re roughly about two weeks from your polarity time—the sign that’s opposite to yours, Libra. If you’re too attached the hype about your sign, then the Sun going into Libra can feel like you’re going into “enemy” territory. Well, between Venus changing out of Libra this week and then Mercury dipping into it, you might feel a little touchy and defensive. It’s mostly because you feel “checked,” to put it simply, and you don’t like that feeling at all. You can either rail against that feeling, or you could think about it differently. You can pride yourself on being a straight shooter, but someone with a sawed off shotgun is still a straight shooter. But they end up putting buckshot in everything. However, now it’s time to add a little more finesse and precision to how you shoot straight. Your “targets” will thank you. Trust me.

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