As a Cancer, you reserve the right to change your mood, your mind, your house and your family when you want, but you ain’t too happy when you have to do it on anybody else’s timetable.  What do you do when it’s the cosmos wanting to shift your timetable? Pluto in Capricorn, the planet of depth and metamorphosis, and Uranus in Aries, the planet of renewal and innovation, are knocking heads in the night sky for most of the year.  This translates as the cosmos reaching into your shell and moving around all your things in unfamiliar ways.  Doesn’t sound sexy, right? Ah, but that’s where you’re lookin’ at this a bit from the wrong side.  Most astrological books talk about how emotional, sensitive, intimate…yada, yada…you are. It’s true to some extent, but you rarely start off there.  You’ll greet people with the hard shell of your intellect or your opinions first before you get all soft on them.  But the cosmos may have flip mode plans about this stilo for you.  Let’s be honest here: you want to be sensitive, intimate and emotional with folks first, but you often feel they have to earn that “privilege” in some way.  Now, you may experience various crises, of varying degrees, during this year that will put less emphasis on the proving part and more on letting it flow without trying to figure it out all before hand.  Of course, you can choose to resist this. Keep in mind, though, if you do, you’re likely to play out this resistance in power grabs with significant and insigifnicant people in your life throughout the year.  But I want to spare you the trouble of a bunch of nonsense, so let me say it as plainly as possible: the safest place this year to be is in your heart, trusting that you can close the door of that when absolutely necessary rather than a bevy of passcodes, 3 deadbolts and a retina scan before entry.


You might be a little more defensive and in your shell than usual, and it’s not because Old Man Winter is in your face.  It could be because folks may want more out of you than you feel you want (or have) to give.  Your focus is on getting ahead, especially as it concerns your career or your worldly ambitions. But perhaps you feel other areas of your life, like your relationships—past or present—and domestic life are pushing to take greater priority.  And the priorities they seek will likely be emotional triggers for you, not necessarily the practical help or support you’d rather provide. You might try to pretend not to care, but let’s be clear here: you can feel like you don’t want to care, pretend like you don’t care, but you care. You just don’t want to get hurt.  So be wise: if someone wants you to play a parent when you don’t see that as your role, then care for the person and the problem at hand without giving away your hand, feet, ears, mouth and everything else. Know your limits, keep your eyes on your prize and care enough to trust that others can find ways to care for themselves when needed.


Your dreams and intuition are fairly sharp now; but sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between what you truly perceive and what you fill in the blanks with based on what you project to be true.  One of the key ways to tell the difference is being aware of your preferences and letting your perceptions be what they are, not what you’d prefer them to be. You might feel like sayin’ a lot of “shoulda coulda woulda” now about relationships and opportunities that are best left in the past.  You can learn from the past, but don’t wallow in it.  You’re undergoing a worldview shift, especially in the way you envision how we individually and collectively give and receive care.  You can “blame” Neptune, the planet of vision, re-vision and piss poor vision, fumbling around with your personal life philosophy and spirituality.  It’s revolutionary in many ways because you’re pressed to look at your own emotional intelligence and even get smarter than you already are. You’ll be fine if you don’t feel the impulse to share everything you’re learning with everybody.  Class is still in session, so take your time. Trust that in due time you’ll say exactly what’s on your mind and heart.


It’s only natural that it would be around or shortly after your birthday that you’d have a blow-out of some of the tensions you’ve been “managing” all year long. It could be with a boo, or if you’re single, a dear friend or family member.  You can, however, manage the scale of the blow out beforehand.  First, realize that your feelings may be too caught up in your shell, rather than letting them out.  The more you keep in, the bigger the blow out (that incidentally doesn’t have to happen.) Venus is retrograding with Jupiter in your subconscious right now, so you may be tempted to work out pressures in tasteful but overindulgent ways.  Let’s call it culinary medication, and let’s not do that to yourself.  You’re coping with a lot of pressure now, so it’s understandable. You’re also taking bold new steps in your career. Be patient and don’t underestimate the importance of even the smallest steps you take. Celebrate your successes, but not too much.


Although you may have stayed in your heart as much as possible during the year, there are no assurances that no one, including you, won’t get hurt.  You may want to put off the possibility of hurt feelings for yourself or someone you love for as long as possible; but that’ll be pretty hard to do. You gotta ‘fess up and let the chips fall where they may.  You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, however.  You might find that speaking out helps at work too. As a child of the Moon, you can follow your “moon wisdom” or high emotional intelligence.  It doesn’t always work like conventional wisdom, but does it work!  In October, Saturn’s slide into Scorpio may plant seeds for you to get a little more serious about a pastime or even side hustle of yours. You might also have a growing interest in deepening your awareness of your sexuality and pleasure too.  😉

If you want a personal Zodiac Lounge reading, reach Samuel at Follow him on Twitter @sfreynolds where he flows daily about astrology, politics and life.

If you want a personal Zodiac Lounge snapshot, reach Samuel at Follow him on Twitter @sfreynolds where he flows daily about astrology, politics and life.