Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)
One of the clear signs for you that you’re off your game or out of synch is when you go overboard, especially indulging yourself with food, drink, sleep or anything that makes you feel good and go “Whee!” I know this week is the start of the holidays, but Venus’s spotlighted duet with Jupiter this week could set off a need to indulge a little too much, or worse, be self-indulgent and act spoiled with folks. We all know that you’re the nurturer and caretaker for people, but perhaps it’s hard to feel cer-tain in that role or properly appreciated yourself. So seek to get the love you want with some pampering that ultimately doesn’t compromise your health. So you can pre-empt any harm by setting up something at the top of the week to treat yourself, just enough, for the weekend.

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