Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)
The muted, gritty tenacity of will and fear of loss that’s groomed in Cancer erupts as a roar in Leo. Although you’re not a “Leo,” you might confuse people this week with your readiness to let them have it. There may be a poor fool, close or not, who could mistake your kindness for weakness, not realizing your warm heart is not some-thing easily given to just anyone. First, don’t hurt ‘em. Second, don’t get too mad be-cause you saw this coming, so some of the outrage you may have to suck up as your own reluctance to nip a crazy ass flowering bush of trouble in the bud. Of course, don’t beat yourself up too much about it; but chalk it up to your ongoing struggle to cherish comfort over everything, including your intuition. Once you release your roar, move on.

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