Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

If you actually did get on your grind last week, then you’re the wiser of the two of us since I thought that was counter-intuitive, despite the astrological evidence I saw for it. The next two weeks prove strong times to make a big push for things, though this may come at a cost, possibly some strife or even neglect on the home-front. This is when communication becomes key as well as some planning. This is not only a time for you step up your efforts, but you have to be sure everyone else, especially part-ners, children, etc., are ready to keep up. And it’s much better to encourage and dis-cuss what you expect rather than demand or get moody when your expectations aren’t fulfilled.  You should plan on setting up down time with significant others af-ter the solstice on Dec. 21, also the day Venus goes retrograde.

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