Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)


#MeTime:   You’ve got the “eye of the tiger” now and the tenacity to make things happen for yourself and those you care for.  At least that’s how the week starts.  As the week wears on, don’t let a setback take up too much mental real estate.  You’re going in the right direction if you’re taking some risks now and reaching out of your comfort zone; but life usually has a rather indirect way of working things out for you. So don’t get frustrated if everything ain’t straight or immediate. Toward the middle of the week, find some way to pamper yourself, whether it is with your favorite comfort food or chillin’ out with your favorite peeps.

#Heartstrings: With romance partners, you’re more likely to find better quality time while on the go than at home now, this includes dining out.  If you’re single, you might draw significant attention from people who are dramatically different from you or in cultural places, like museums, that lure different kinds of people together.  Overall, you may feel like you have a lot of focus, but you might have some trouble feeling connected.  So focus on the small things like hearing a loved one’s voice, even for a minute, or a photo of them to feel grounded and in the loop.

#MoneyMoves: This may be the area where you feel confident that you can make the most positive strides.  You’re definitely going for yours, though things don’t seem to be going as smoothly as they were even last week. Don’t sweat the small stuff.  When you can, delegate a little more.  Part of your transformation this year is learning to trust more. Start with yourself. Trust that you can share responsibility to accomplish more rather than fearing that everything will fall apart if you’re not there to keep the pieces together.