Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:   You’re likely to still feel vulnerable this week as the moon will be in Scorpio at the start of the week.  This sign is not always the easiest place for the moon, your patron planet, because she wants to be comfortable and Scorpio doesn’t allow her to feel rested.  It’s like that jumpy feeling you have when you’re on call during a crisis.  You gotta do things that restore your nerves now. Do be careful of treating your feelings with food as you could go overboard with that. As a water sign, water, whether drinking it or being in it, can do wonders. You might consider doing that.


#Heartstrings: It seems a disappointment could be affecting a significant relationship, although it may not have anything to do with that relationship. You may feel too acutely aware of your own needs to feel like you can muster up the reserves to be fully available for someone else.  Emotions are messy and sometimes we let them splash all over the place.  Now is the time to keep your messes separate.  Form a ritual that when you leave a place, you somehow formally recognize that you’re leaving the energy of that place there.  Keep it simple, like washing your hands before you leave or something like that.

#MoneyMoves:  Language is funny. It’s alright these days for someone to be “hungry,” but it ain’t okay to be “thirsty.” When you’re caught up in your grind though, how can you tell which one you are?  You’re hungry when you are actively seeking fulfillment, but you’re thirsty when you’re passively seeking the same thing.  That comes off as needy and you’re gonna have moments this week when you’re gonna come off that way at the job.  Find another way to find satisfaction.  If you want a pat on the back, then either give it yourself or get it from someone who would love to give you a pat on the back.