Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:   Looks like some of the faith you girded up last week is primed to flow this week.  A lil goodwill goes a long way toward giving you a lift to stay motivated and take care of yourself.  Have you noticed that when you feel good, you’re more inclined to feel good about yourself too? That musical sage Louis Armstrong said it best: “When you’re smilin’…the whole world smiles with you.” Picking yourself apart as you have been inclined to do over the last week can leave you tired.  So use the energy you got to do good and don’t let anyone turn your mood.


#Heartstrings: I love Chaka Khan’s “Through the Fire,” because it really captures one facet of romantic love that’s not talked about enough in my opinion: dedication through the trials and tribulations.  Now may or may not be a time of tribulation for you, but it is a time when you’re digging on anyone who’s willing to dig in with you, not those who just say they’re digging you.  There’s a certain intensity and raw honesty you expect from friends and lovers. If you’re feeling a disconnect with someone you have felt close to, chances are you’re wondering if they can be or are really there for you.  If really in doubt, ask. And then watch if they are.

#MoneyMoves: Sometimes less is really more.  Cancers are often known for hoarding things. You may not be as bad as the folks on “Hoarders,” but lingering feelings translate into lingering clutter too.  You might find it easier to let go some of the gunk you’ve been holding on to since 2011.  In releasing the clutter, you’ll be able to re-focus on the things that really could use your attention like fees and fine print in contracts and bank statements.  This becomes doubly important as it may be harder to feel comfortable or relaxed enough to let things go once Mercury goes retrograde in a week.  Might as well get ahead.