Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

#MeTime:   With the moon waxing from Cancer into Leo, just before a full moon, you may go into this week feeling a lot more sensitive and vulnerable than at the end of the week. Get around some water, if you can, whether it’s hot, steam, icy or in a man-made enclosed space.  That will help keep you “grounded.” Remember that times like this during 2012 are opportunities not to tighten up, but to work on deeper fundamentals of trust and communication.  As the week progresses, you’ll get more into your flow.


#Heartstrings: Keeping feelings close to your chest won’t resolve your feelings or problems.  It is okay to delay speaking about your feelings, even by a few days, but at least let somebody know you’re feelin’ something! Shutting down, scuttling away, or sidestepping is to be avoided at all cost because that builds more tension to manifest later in the week.  It’s a good time to reach out to a friend who’s far away or isolated in some way.  Reaching out could lift both your spirits.

#MoneyMoves:  Having a full moon in Leo, your money sign, means that you got your mind on your money and your…well, you know the rest.  If you got some money woes, then get busy, not hard on yourself or others.  This means plan instead of panic.  If you have a plan, especially a business, career, or investment plan, it’s a good idea to talk your plans through with trusted friends or join a business group. You might even think about literally breaking bread with them to do, or cooking a meal. It’s good business sense too, because you can write however you break bread  off your taxes next year, if you itemize.