Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime: The real magic behind bullet time filmmaking, which the Matrix made famous, is in the pause or lead-up just before time slows down and the action speeds up. With Mercury about to turn retrograde and the powerful configuration of a free flowing chorus of power with 4 planets, life might feel a little like that for you.  This means that you should become keenly aware of that moment just before something happens, taking in that power and energy before you lose yourself in what’s next. You know like the moment before you step into your office and you know it’s gonna be crazy.  That breath, that moment just before you open the door could be so full and filling, if you let it.


#Heartstrings:  The week opens up with your patron planet, the Moon, pitted against Sweetness (Venus) and Hype (Jupiter). If that sounds like the moon is salty, then you’re definitely feeling one part of the picture.  The other part of the picture is that the moon (you) has got its grind on and folks are all about having a good time. This could put a lot of strain on your relationships, especially with romantic partners and family.   Life, for you now, Cancer, might seem kinda like summer school. What probably makes summer school worse is the thought that somehow your summer should be different. If you get over that and realize that your life is as it is, you can see both what’s not so great about the grass on the other side and what’s good about keeping your nose to the grindstone.

#MoneyMoves: This upcoming free flowing chorus of four planets—Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto—happens in Earth (Show Me The Money) signs. The way to unlocking your money is through relationships, so that’s the key thing to cultivate and nurture now. Call up colleagues and associates, especially the ones you haven’t connected to in awhile, and see what’s happening with them. Keep open, without worrying too much upfront what you’ll get in exchange.  You’ll find that you create mutually beneficial relationships instead.