Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime: Last week you were the master of bullet time, but this week you’re the master of the Blink. In Malcolm Gladwell’s best selling book, Blink, he talks about how “thin slicing,” making snap judgments based on intuition, training, experience and knowledge, really helps stop the suffering from a paralysis of analysis. Although astro-wizards usually spend a great deal of ink talking about the comfort-loving aspect of Cancer, we don’t give enough attention to how trusting your gut and then your lightning speed to act on your gut, gets you out of discomfort and into a better space. As the week moseys on, you’ll feel better about your present “blink” choices.


#Heartstrings:  Your patience for pettiness is going to be probably as long as a flea doing the salutation to the Sun yoga pose.  The question is how to deal with it. A few weeks ago, you might have reacted with snapping a few heads back and I said as much.  This week, you may reconsider and attempt to inspire folks with a broader, different scope of the world. So, for example, if your boo or housemate wants to flip out about asking her or him to do a chore that takes 10 minutes, then don’t slice and dice. Ask if “saving” 10 minutes to do whatever worth as much as 5 minutes of mutual happiness? If it is for them, then stay fixated on your happiness and let them have theirs.  You got more important things to do (and people to see).

#MoneyMoves: It’s beautiful when reason and emotion come together, and it happens a lot more with you than people give you credit for, Cancer.  Sometimes people confuse having “all” the facts as the most necessary step for moving forward with something. You know that’s not true, especially this week.  Your instincts are on point now.  The downside of this Mercury Retrograde is that you may have trouble explaining or defending why you feel something is right, especially where there’s work and/or money involved.  Best approach is to take your time and realize that defending something doesn’t mean that you are necessarily under attack. Speak on some of the facts you do have.