Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime: With the Sun in Aries now sitting at the career head of your table at the Zodiac Lounge along with the moon in rock solid Taurus, you’re more like a high-speed locomotive called Cancer than a crab.   Both lights, as that’s what astrologers call the Sun and moon, are in signs that give them VIP status. This gives you the ability to feel emotionally grounded enough to assert yourself and make stuff happen. Just be careful of getting sadity and you’ll find your week refreshing and restorative for your soul batteries after a taxing winter.


#Heartstrings:  What most people don’t seem to get about you is that you’re fairly reasonable when you feel safe and grounded and that the times you’re not are really not as often or overblown as people talk about. So this is one of those times where you’re feeling really clear, but that has a plus and a minus. The plus side is being able to enjoy good times with friends, particularly, and family to just feel good without getting caught up in any snafus that creep up. The minus side is that you may see how you’ve gotten in a sort of dependency loop with someone who possibly hasn’t satisfied your emotional needs in a while. You may be going toward releasing phase of that connection.

#MoneyMoves: The week kicks off with a lot of planetary love from Venus, Jupiter and the moon in the Taurus sector of your table at the Zodiac Lounge.  Taurus actually isn’t the richest sign in the Zodiac, but I do think the sign is the one that has the most fun making a good amount of money. (The distinction for the wealthiest sign seems to go to Virgo.) That doesn’t mean that there are no Cancers who are super rich or that you might not be one of them now or one day.  It means that work may not be the minefield, emotionally radioactive frenzy fest that it’s been in some weeks past.  What’s really interesting is that you actually have been an instrumental part of bringing the peace, even if you had to stir things up a bit there.