Cancer  (June 21st to July 21st)

This is a week to mostly catch up with yourself and those you love.  I would attempt to put more energy toward making that happen at the top of the week than the end of it, though. Of course, that’s slightly counter-intuitive as it’s still a work week for most. One reason I think it’s best to go in low-gear at the top of the week is because the moon is in your polarity sign, Capricorn, then and, in real-world terms, that might feel like trying to go skinny-dipping at high tide; your natural impulses are challenged, so you’re at cross-purposes with yourself. The big deal is what’s happening on Sunday: a special line-up with the Sun, Mars and Venus that only happens every 32 years.  It marks next week as another week for action and reaching farther with your desires.

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