Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime: Everybody’s a lil bit too literal about you as a crab, for the record. Your sign’s brand is really more about the moon and we can think of the crab as more your logo, at best. This is important now because the moon can be a perfect picture of serenity. Or it can stir up enough water to capsize a boat on the sea. Or it’s just the right size, in relation to the Earth, to block out the much more powerful and larger Sun during an eclipse. So Cancer is about the primal force of smaller things or humbler beginnings. So this week don’t get rocked by small things. Be the force that rocks by nipping potentially small things in the bud first. Or the small eddy that becomes the raging storm.


#Heartstrings:  The week’s opening salvo of Jupiter and the moon steaming up things is likely to be a parade on your senses that either could leave you with a headache or lethargic if you overindulge now. If you go the moderate route, you’ll be better off to deal with problems that could arise toward the end of the week. You’d think with Mercury finally straightening his wig outta retrograde that the confusing ish would be over. But the big problem is when the moon teams up with Mars and Neptune toward the middle of the week. You may feel your emotions stirring up and be a hair’s trigger from letting someone with boundary issues have it. My advice is let the first shot be a warning shot than to take someone out.

#MoneyMoves: With the moon and Jupiter spoon spoon-feeding each other with long spoons at the start of the week, this could be bad for your wallet if you spend with your eyes or your stomach. (This is not to be confused with the idea of spending from your gut. Your gut is more intangible and intuitive.)  If anything, dose up on as much healthy stuff as you can as you’ll need to fortify your system to stay focused and alert.  If you find yourself feeling drained, get rest and take some extra time to do something soothing, whether it’s music or a little aromatherapy to lift your energy at work.